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Texas Structured Settlement Agreements

It is not uncommon for plaintiffs in Texas to receive a structured settlement as opposed to a lump sum as compensation for their losses. Generally, there are certain tax benefits for the plaintiffs and cost savings for defendants associated with structured settlements. Despite settling for a series of payments over time, many plaintiffs and their […]


Consulting Experts vs. Testifying Experts

Experts are a vital part of most litigation in Texas. There are generally two types of experts used in the litigation process: testifying experts and consulting experts. “A testifying expert is an expert who may be called to testify as an expert witness at trial. A consulting expert is an expert who has been consulted, […]


When a Texas Property Manager May Be Liable for the Debts of the Property Owner

Property managers routinely contract for services to properties on behalf of the owner. Commercial real estate projects including apartment complexes, retail centers, and office buildings need a variety of services for things such as landscaping and janitorial. Service agreements are often signed and orders are placed without much thought as whether the property manager has […]


Texas Certificate of Merit

Tort reform in Texas has made it critical for plaintiffs to ensure that all threshold requirements are met before filing lawsuits against certain professionals. Failure to comply with certain conditions precedent may have dire consequences. Texas law requires a plaintiff to file a certificate of merit contemporaneously with a lawsuit against certain licensed or registered […]


Use of a Bill of Review to Set Aside a Judgment

It is not uncommon for our firm to receive calls from potential new clients explaining that they just found out they have a default judgment against them because they failed to file an answer to a lawsuit. Sometimes the failure to answer occurred because they were never personally served or service occurred and there was […]


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