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Understanding the Eviction Process in Texas

In Texas, the process of evicting a tenant can be complex and nuanced. It is governed by statutes and regulations that must be strictly complied with. Landlords and tenants alike must understand their rights and obligations to navigate this process effectively. Notice to Vacate:  The eviction process typically begins with the landlord providing the tenant […]


Florida’s New Anti-Squatter Law and Its Implications

Recently, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new anti-squatter law, officially known as Bill 621, which has significant implications for property rights and management in the state. This law represents a drastic shift from traditional approaches to squatting, which is legally known as adverse possession.  Florida’s Shift: Eliminating Squatter Rights Under the new Florida law, […]


House Bill 14 Springboards New Home Development

Here at the Silberman Law Firm, our attorneys frequently receive calls from potential new clients complaining of and about their new construction (both residential and commercial) taking much longer than they expected to complete. Some of the delay in these new builds can definitely be attributed to lazy developers, but a not-insignificant amount of the […]


Does Mortgage Discharge in Bankruptcy Remove the Underlying Lien?

Filing for bankruptcy significantly affects mortgage obligations, a reality often misunderstood in Texas. The law draws a crucial distinction between discharging debt and removing property liens. This nuance is vital for homeowners considering bankruptcy and its implications on property ownership and sale. Bankruptcy Misconceptions and the Reality of Liens Many believe that bankruptcy frees them […]


Balancing Equities in Partition Lawsuits

In the realm of property ownership, disputes can arise, especially when co-owners cannot agree on how to manage, divide, or even sell the property.  In Texas, one common legal recourse for resolving such disputes is through a partition lawsuit.  Once a partition lawsuit is filed, and after the court proportions the shares of the property, […]


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