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Per Stirpes vs. Per Capita in Texas

A valid will identifies the beneficiaries and which assets they’ll receive, as well as when and how exactly the beneficiaries will receive those assets. The person writing the will, the testator, also chooses one or sometimes two executors who ensure the will is carried out as written. The testator may also choose between dividing the […]


Notice to Creditors as Part of Texas Probate

Ideally, a valid will designates the beneficiaries of an estate, how assets will be divided among beneficiaries, and the name(s) of the executor(s) who will be in charge of carrying out the wishes of the decedent, the person who wrote the will. Most wills call for independent probate administrations as opposed to dependent administrations. As […]


The Spearin Doctrine in Texas

Construction projects do not always go smoothly, to the consternation of property owners and construction companies. Sometimes the surprises are unforeseeable and unavoidable, but sometimes they are the result of carelessness, miscommunication, or poor planning. Given the time and expense of these projects, the courts have often been involved in determining liability when construction projects […]


Consulting Agreements in Texas

Businesses often make use of outside professionals, also known as consultants, to provide expert advice and opinions to improve a company’s operations. Many consultants are former employees who may prefer a more flexible job description or who may wish to focus on more than a single project. They may also be independent contractors who provide […]


Texas Employment Agreements

Most employment relationships in Texas are not expressly defined in a written agreement. Employees and employers generally have the right to end employment “at will,” as they choose, if that choice is not based on illegal reasons, such as race, age, or gender discrimination. Even though written employment agreements are not required by law in […]


Texas Distribution Agreements

When a company creates a product for sale, that company must determine the best way to distribute that product. Some companies choose to sell products themselves, but many companies work with people outside of the company to sell the product. Known as distributors, these companies work independently, sometimes buying products to sell with a markup […]


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