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Commercial Lease Contracts

Texas Commercial Lease Reviews

Commercial leases in Texas are often drafted by attorneys employed or contracted by the landlord. As such, these lease contracts are almost always written with the landlord's interest in mind. It is a prudent course of action for tenants taking office, retail or industrial space in Texas to employ an attorney to review a proposed lease and provide changes to the lease that will balance landlord and tenant rights.

The process of leasing commercial rental space in Texas usually involves the prospective tenant first viewing a space and expressing interest in a particular space in an office building or retail center. The landlord or landlord's broker then submits a proposal to the tenant including the major terms of a potential lease. A tenant may counter the proposed terms in the proposal or accept the proposed terms as is prior to receiving the formal lease. The landlord or landlord's broker then generates a lease for the tenant to review. Important clauses in Texas commercial leases often include:

  • Payment of Rent Provisions
  • Expense Stop Clauses
  • Indemnity Provisions
  • Attorney's Fees
  • Waivers of Subrogation
  • "As Is" or Disclaimers of Warranties
  • Substitution or Relocation Clause

A real estate attorney can usually provide a commercial lease review on behalf of a tenant that will balance rights and obligations in a lease more evenly between a landlord and tenant. These reviews can often be done at an affordable flat rate. Feel free to use the form below to request a consultation about a commercial lease with an attorney or call our office.

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