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Understanding the Elements of Defamation in Texas

Defamation laws in Texas are designed to protect individuals from false statements that harm their reputation. Understanding these laws is crucial, whether you’re a business owner, a public figure, or an individual navigating the complexities of modern communication platforms such as social media. Key Elements of Defamation in Texas To establish a case for defamation […]


Plea in Abatement: A Defense Tool in Texas Civil Procedure

In the complex world of Texas civil litigation, understanding procedural defenses is crucial for anyone navigating the court system. Among these defenses, the plea in abatement stands out as a powerful, yet often misunderstood dilatory plea. Let’s take a quick look at plea in abatement, outlining its purpose, application, and the legal process involved. What […]


Is Defamation Dead in Texas?

Defamation lawsuits often make headlines in the news, which probably contributes to their place in the popular imagination. But in Texas, defamation lawsuits face significant challenges that make them particularly difficult to pursue successfully. The First Hurdle – The Texas Citizens Participation Act (TCPA) A TPCA motion is the first hurdle that any defamation lawsuit […]


Are Verbal Contracts Binding in Texas?

Verbal contracts are often confusing because of a mixture of myth and misunderstanding. In Texas, the answer to whether these agreements are binding isn’t a simple yes or no answer. It’s a nuanced journey through the state’s laws, particularly the Statute of Frauds.  At its core, Texas law does recognize verbal contracts as binding, with […]


Navigating Post-Judgment Receivership in Texas

When a prevailing party, typically a plaintiff or claimant, is awarded a judgment in Texas, the legal journey doesn’t always end there. In certain situations, the enforcement of judgments can be extensive and may involve the appointment of a post-judgment receiver. This legal mechanism, known as post-judgment receivership, plays a crucial role in ensuring the […]


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