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Business Law

Providing both business transaction solutions and business litigation services for our clients.

Probate Law

Providing estate administration, wills, will contests, and probates for our clients.

Real Estate Law

Providing real estate document preparation, closings and real estate litigation services.


Serving clients in business litigation, real estate litigation, and probate related litigation

Construction Law

Providing a full range of construction law related services to our clients.

Blog Posts

If someone trespasses and causes property damage, the owner of the property is entitled to compensation for that damage. However, property owners should be careful to prove damages accurately to maximize recovery. Relying on the wrong damages model could mean losing a case, and retrials are rare and costly. See Tex. R. App. P.[...]


Successfully conveying property requires a clear chain of title that is free of encumbrances. Considerable effort goes into researching, verifying, and communicating who the legal owner of a property is and exactly what debts against that property, if any, may exist. Any uncertainty about the title of a property may lead to the loss[...]


Sometimes family members pass at or around the same time. Chapter 121 of the Texas Estates Code establishes protocols for situations where a testator (in the case of a will) or an intestate decedent (in the case where there is no will) and beneficiary or heir die simultaneously or in quick succession. 120 Hour[...]

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