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Practice Areas

Business Law

Providing both business transaction solutions and business litigation services for our clients.

Probate Law

Providing estate administration, wills, will contests, and probates for our clients.

Real Estate Law

Providing real estate document preparation, closings and real estate litigation services.


Serving clients in business litigation, real estate litigation, and probate related litigation

Construction Law

Providing a full range of construction law related services to our clients.

Blog Posts

When a Texas resident dies, finances are often an immediate concern to the surviving family. Between funeral costs, final medical expenses, and simply keeping up with the deceased’s bills, access to the deceased’s funds can be crucial to navigating the aftermath of a passing. Unfortunately, unless the deceased planned ahead, getting access to the[...]


In Texas, employers are generally allowed to reduce an employee's salary, provided that the reduction does not breach any contractual agreements and is not based on discriminatory reasons. If an employer reduces a salary due to the employee's race, gender, or other protected characteristic, such action would constitute illegal discrimination under federal and state[...]


In the complex world of Texas civil litigation, understanding procedural defenses is crucial for anyone navigating the court system. Among these defenses, the plea in abatement stands out as a powerful, yet often misunderstood dilatory plea. Let’s take a quick look at plea in abatement, outlining its purpose, application, and the legal process involved.[...]

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