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Practice Areas

Business Law

Providing both business transaction solutions and business litigation services for our clients.

Probate Law

Providing estate administration, wills, will contests, and probates for our clients.

Real Estate Law

Providing real estate document preparation, closings and real estate litigation services.


Serving clients in business litigation, real estate litigation, and probate related litigation

Construction Law

Providing a full range of construction law related services to our clients.

Blog Posts

Easements are generally defined as the right to use another person’s land in a certain manner. Once an easement is established, either by express grant, prescription, estoppel or implication, one of two types of easements is created: an easement in gross or an easement appurtenant. The primary difference between these two types of easements[...]


Imagine this: You buy some property in a community with the intention of using the property for a purpose other than as your home. Maybe you want to list the property on AirBNB/VRBO, or rent it out directly for short periods of time. Maybe you would like to open a business, like running a[...]


Let’s say you are starting up a new business or want to start buying up investment properties and you are considering forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Perhaps in your initial research, you come across the term “Series LLC” and wonder if this is the right entity for your business or investments.  A Refresher[...]

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