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About Deeds in Texas

A deed is a written instrument that conveys title to real property. It differs from an earnest money contract, a note, and a deed of trust. While there is no standard form for deeds, deeds in Texas must include the intent to convey property, the legal description of the property, and a signature and acknowledgement of the grantor to be valid. Deeds need not be recorded to be valid.

The above being said, not all deeds are created equally. When a grantor wishes to accomplish specific objectives or limit liability, the type of deed and the careful wording in the deed by a competent real estate attorney are critical. The types of deeds commonly used in Texas are listed below:


The type of deed and the clauses used in a deed can greatly alter the effect of a transfer. It is important to consult with an attorney about the careful drafting of the deed to achieve the desired results in a real estate transaction. Feel free to use the form below to request a free consultation with a lawyer or call our office during regular business hours.

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