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Limited Liability Company Formation

The Texas Limited Liability Company is currently the most prevalent entity formed by small businesses. Benefits to performing business functions through a LLC include minimizing personal liability, flow through taxation, some degree of anonymity, greater asset protection, and business credibility.

Forming a LLC through a business attorney according to the specifics of the owners and business is critical to achieving the maximum liability shield, tax benefits, and business efficiencies. It is also important that formation documents be complete and customized to achieve maximum benefits as well. Some of the benefits to using a lawyer to form a LLC include:

  • Advice on Maximizing Asset Protection
  • Attorney Service as Organizer
  • Customized Company Agreement
  • Advice on Transferring Assets to LLC
  • Advice on Structuring Accounts and Finances
  • Follow Up Consultation After LLC Formation


While it is true that some consumers will be able to successfully use form websites to create a LLC that will be approved by the Secretary of State, failure to consult with a business attorney about customized formation documents can have severe negative consequences. Feel free to use the form below to request a free consultation with a lawyer or call our office during regular business hours.

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