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Residential Lease Contracts

Residential Lease Contract Reviews and Drafting

The most common residential lease contracts used in Texas are the Texas Association of Realtors and Texas Apartment Association Residential Lease forms. Use of these forms requires membership in the applicable association and the forms are copyrighted. It is highly recommended that one of these lease forms be used when entering into a residential lease in Texas, as these forms are in compliance with the Texas Property Code and the courts are accustomed to the form and provisions in each of the agreements.

Negotiating real estate leases allows the opportunity for a landlord or tenant to gain certain benefits (as well as avoid certain pitfalls) in the transaction. Unlike brokers and real estate agents, attorneys can modify the actual language of the form and draft special provisions and addenda as part of the lease contract. Realtors are limited to simply filling in the blanks. Some of the common issues and adjustments made by real estate attorneys to the residential lease contract include:

  • Renter's Insurance Provision
  • Repair Deductible Provision
  • "As Is" Language
  • Diplomatic Clauses


Using a real estate lawyer to provide contract review and drafting in residential lease transactions can greatly benefit a landlord or tenant in a transaction. Often times, an attorney can do a review or complete an agreement at an affordable flat rate. Feel free to use the form below to request a free consultation with a lawyer or call our office during regular business hours.

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