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Texas Non Compete Attorneys

The use of non-compete agreements in Texas had primarily been reserved for executives in previous years; however, today these restrictive agreements are used by companies across a broad range of organizational hierarchies. Where employment contracts with non competes were once only common in top managerial positions for large companies, these agreements are now commonly being used in small business for positions such as engineers, sales reps, surgical assistants, and many more.

Our firm represents both individual employees and companies in non compete law. Often times, employees are faced with signing an employment contract with non compete language prior to taking a job or upon accepting a severance package. For employers operating in today's competitive environment, it is often critical to prevent employees from working for a competitor or forming a competing business. Texas has strict laws as to what qualifies as a valid non compete agreement. Items typically required for a non compete to be valid in Texas include:

  • Reciprocity or Mutual Consideration
  • Necessity of Employer
  • Reasonable Restrictions


A well drafted non compete agreement will limit competition in the market place. Conversely, a non compete that does not comply with Texas law will be held invalid and prevent restrictions on the employee. Feel free to use the form below to request a free consultation with a lawyer about non compete agreements or call our office during regular business hours.

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