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Series LLC in Texas

The Texas Series LLC (Limited Liability Company) is quickly becoming the preferred holding entity for Texas Real Estate and business assets. The Series LLC, as opposed to a traditional limited liability company allows investors and business owners to hold assets like real estate or businesses in separate "Series." One can think of these Series as miniature companies within the main LLC. Each miniature company can have its own assets, liabilities, managers, members, and rules for operation.

The primary benefit of the Series LLC is the ability to limit the exposure of assets to a particular Series. Should any Series face liability, then the exposure is limited to assets in that particular Series. A summary of benefits include:

  • Liability Shield Between Series
  • Ease of Management Like Traditional LLC
  • Compliance For Just One Entity
  • One Filing Fee with the State


Investors with multiple real estate properties and/or businesses should consider forming a Texas Series LLC for simplicity, economy, and liability protection. Please feel free to use the form below to request a consultation with an attorney about a Texas Series LLC or call our office.

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