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Last Will and Testament

Texas Last Will and Testament

A Will, also called a Last Will and Testament allows a person to give property and other assets to specific people or organizations as well as naming an Executor to settle the affairs of the estate. Without a will, a person's belongings will be distributed according to Texas intestacy laws, which may not be desirable.

Often times a will is the best solution for estate planning purposes. Unlike many states, the Texas Probate process is very efficient and cost effective making the use of wills in Texas very desirable. While a simple will can suffice for most estates, Texas law allows for the creation of wills that can aid in tax planning and include built in trusts. Some of the reasons a person would want to create a will include:

  • Appointment of Guardians For Minor Children
  • Control Over Asset Distribution After Death
  • Avoid Real Estate Related Complications


A probate lawyer can often provide a free consultation to assess whether a will is the right estate planning tool and suggest items in a will custom tailored to a client's situation. For most small estates, this can often be done at an affordable flat fee. Feel free to use the form below to request a free estate planning consultation or call our office during regular business hours.

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