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Lien Removal Attorney

Texas Lien Removal Attorney

Lien removal is a necessary process for a seller of real property to deliver marketable title to a buyer at closing. Often times, sellers only discover liens recorded against their property when a title company performs a title search before issuing a title commitment. Title companies will not insure title when a lien is present regardless of whether the lien is valid or invalid.

Before an attorney attempts to remove a lien using any judicial or unilateral, non judicial methods, it is both practical and prudent to contact the party claiming the lien in an attempt to receive a voluntary release. After an explanation of potential liability for failing to release, creditors will frequently sign a release. Some of the types of liens that our firm typically assists clients with include:

  • Mechanic and Materialmen (M&M) Liens
  • Judgment Liens Against the Homestead
  • Fraudulent Liens


Contacting the lien holder and receiving a full release is usually the most effective method of having a lien removed in Texas; however, in some cases, additional steps will be required to effect lien removal. The Texas Property Code prescribes both non judicial and judicial remedies for lien removal should a lien holder be uncooperative in signing a release. Feel free to use the form below to request a consultation about lien removal with an attorney or call our office.

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