June, 2021 | Silberman Law Firm, PLLC

Texas Municipal Utility District Notices

A Municipal Utility District or MUD allows communities to develop and grow, particularly in areas which lack municipal services. Through bonds and taxes paid by residents living within its boundaries, a MUD finances water, sewage, and other utility infrastructure. Nearly 1,000 MUDs currently exist in Texas. Requirements of MUD Notices Section 49.452 of the Texas […]


Trespass to Real Property in Texas

Property ownership gives a person the authority to determine how that property is used and by whom. An unauthorized person entering land belonging to another is trespassing, even if the trespassing seems to cause no direct harm. While trespassing seems straightforward, this cause of action is not that simple. Ownership Before making a claim of […]


The Texas Theft Liability Act

While theft has always been a criminal offense, minimal penalties for theft offered a plaintiff few options to recover damages which resulted from theft. That situation changed in the 1980s when chapter 31 of the Texas Penal Code defined the Texas Theft Liability Act. Thanks to the TLA, a plaintiff can now hold the defendant […]


Negligent Hiring in Texas

Texas employers have an obligation to ensure the trustworthiness, reliability, and expertise of their employees. If they neglect those responsibilities, and someone suffers as a direct result, then those employers are guilty of negligent hiring. The Elements of Negligent Hiring To successfully make a claim for negligent hiring, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant […]


Affirmative Defenses in Texas

When answering a claim, a defendant may present an affirmative defense, which is a specific reason that the plaintiff’s case should not win. It states that even if what the plaintiff says is true, underlying reasons and facts invalidate the claim.


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