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Types of Trusts Available in Texas

When most people think of estate planning, they think of writing a valid will, which is one important purpose of planning. In addition to a will, several types of trusts also offer options to protect assets and ensure that beneficiaries are cared for. With the wide variety of options available, discerning whether a will or […]


Strategic Partnerships in Texas

Business owners who want to grow their business have many options available to them. Creating strong relationships with employees and customers is important, but another way to gain greater success is to partner with other companies, something called a strategic partnership. Complementary Offerings Businesses may form strategic partnerships to share resources, such as information, services, […]


Transferring Title to a Mobile Home

Transactions and policies regarding Texas mobile homes are regulated by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA), through its Manufactured Housing Division (the “Division”). The Division administers the Texas Manufactured Housing Standards Act, which ensures that manufactured homes, or mobile homes, are safe and well-constructed, that consumers are provided fair and effective remedies, […]


Independent vs. Dependent Administration of Estates in Texas

Texas probate law provides two different options for settling an estate, dependent administration and independent administration. Determining which option is best for an estate depends on several factors, including the size of the estate and the complexity of distributing the estate’s assets. Court Oversight An independent administration means that the executor of the estate has […]


Intellectual Property License Infringement vs Breach of Contract

An Intellectual Property License allows an innovator, the licensor, to protect and capitalize on that intellectual property. It allows another party, the licensee, to use that IP, which may take such forms as trade secrets, operational knowledge, registered designs, or proprietary information. Ideally, the relationship is complementary; the licensor profits by allowing the licensee to […]


Probate Mediation in Texas

The Mediation Process in Texas offers alternatives for settling legal disputes outside of the courtroom. Many are aware of mediation in business matters and family court, but the mediation process is also a viable option with probate issues. This less adversarial, less costly option to court proceedings provides ways to de-escalate tension among family members […]


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