March, 2022 | Silberman Law Firm, PLLC

Franchise Agreements in Texas

A successful business may want to increase growth through franchising. This type of expansion has some real advantages, especially in Texas where economic activity has outpaced most other states in the last several years. Ideally, the franchise business model is a symbiotic relationship in which everyone benefits. In a franchise relationship, the franchisor allows the […]


What is Marketable Title in Texas?

While owning a home is a goal for many people, the road from finding a home to actually moving into that home is often not straightforward and simple. Even when the buyer and seller reach an agreement about sales price, contracts may fall through for any number of reasons. One of the reasons that a […]


Letters of Credit in Texas

The primary purpose of a letter of credit is to diminish the possibility that a party does not repay a financial obligation. A letter of credit guarantees that a bank or some other financial institution will make an intermediary payment on behalf of the customer. The creditor is paid first, and then the customer repays […]


Separate Property vs. Community Property in Texas

The concept of community property originated with Spanish civil law and came to Texas via Mexico. Today, Texas is one of only nine community property states in the country. The term community property applies to the concept of combining separate assets, typically through marriage. The Texas Constitution and Texas Family Code provide definitions and procedures […]


Converting to a Texas Entity

Texas is a business-friendly state in a variety of ways, drawing businesses nationally and internationally. Whether the business is a corporation, an LLC, or a limited partnership, if that business chooses to become a Texas entity, it must follow certain guidelines and procedures established by the Texas Business Organizations Code (BOC). Filing a Plan of […]


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