July, 2017 | Silberman Law Firm, PLLC

An Overview of Marital Property Law in Texas

The fact that Texas is one of nine community property states in the US means that all assets belonging to married persons are affected by the concept of community property. In a community property state, most property acquired during marriage belongs to both spouses and is considered community property. Furthermore, community property is either classified […]


Recovering Attorney’s Fees in Texas

A common concern among litigants is whether attorney’s fees are recoverable from the other party. While it is reasonable to assume the prevailing party will be awarded attorney’s fees, it is not always the case. In most lawsuits, each party assumes their own attorney’s fees unless otherwise provided under the law. In this article, we […]


Texas Residential Construction Liability Act (TRCLA)

To resolve construction defect disputes with a residential home builder or remodeler, Texas homeowners must currently follow the procedures set forth under the Texas Residential Construction Liability Act (RCLA). The RCLA was enacted in 1989 to help resolve construction disputes between homeowners and contractors and limit the liability of residential builders. Since 1989, various amendments […]


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