December, 2020 | Silberman Law Firm, PLLC

Probating a Will as a Muniment of Title

A muniment, also called a muniment of title, is a document indicating title or ownership of an asset. In modern practice, a muniment serves to transfer title of real estate when there is no need for a formal administration of an estate.When Should It Be Used?Muniments are most commonly used when the only asset in […]


Consequential Damages in Texas

Breach of Contract of DamagesThe rule for calculating breach of contract damages states that the plaintiff is entitled to seek fair and just compensation for losses or damage actually sustained. Stewart v. Basey, 245 S.W.2d 484, 486 (Tex. 1952). The plaintiff may seek compensation for the “benefit of the bargain” or “expectation interest.” Id. The […]


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