June, 2022 | Silberman Law Firm, PLLC - Part 2

Stark Law in Texas

Named after Congressman Pete Stark, the Stark Law amended the Social Security Act to limit a referring physician’s ability to refer Medicare and Medicaid patients in ways that benefit the physician. Also known as a self-referral law, it was enacted to fight healthcare fraud and abuse by decreasing the opportunity for a physician to receive […]


Undue Influence in Texas Probate Cases

Creating a valid will in Texas offers peace of mind for family members as well as for the person writing the will, known as the testator. In certain cases, however, the validity of the will may be challenged in court. As Baby Boomers are aging, many are moving into assisted living and nursing facilities, where […]


Licensing Intellectual Property in Texas

Historically, the United States has placed high value on protecting a person’s original work, going all the way back to when George Washington signed into law the Copyright Act of 1790. The first work registered under the copyright law was a spelling book written by John Barry. Today, Intellectual Property takes many forms, such as […]


Testamentary Capacity and Testamentary Intent in a Will

A Last Will and Testament is a legally binding document that ensures a testator’s estate is distributed according to that person’s wishes. Having a valid will safeguards a testator’s intent for the estate without leaving loved ones to guess what the testator wanted. Two important components when establishing a valid will are having testamentary capacity […]


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