Litigation | Silberman Law Firm, PLLC - Part 2

The Perils of Going Pro Se in a Texas Court

Navigating the legal landscape can be a daunting task for anyone, especially when faced with a court case in Texas. In an effort to save on legal fees, some individuals may consider representing themselves in court, known as appearing “pro se.” While this decision might seem appealing, it is important to understand the risks associated […]


The Economic Loss Rule

Generally, a breach of contract claim cannot lead to a court awarding any sort of punitive damages (also referred to as exemplary damages). As the name suggests, punitive damages are used by courts to punish offenders beyond what is required to make the injured party whole. As courts are more likely to award punitive damages […]


Texas Farm Animals Liability Act

The Texas Farm Animal Liability Act (FALA) began in 1995 as the Texas Equine Act, a narrow statute that protected horse owners from liability for participants’ injuries resulting from the inherent risks of interacting with horses. This statute was expanded in 2011 to cover not only horses, but “farm animals” generally. “Farm animals” are defined […]


Collecting on a Judgment in Texas

So, you’ve successfully obtained an official judgment from a court of law in the State of Texas that entitles you to receive payment from another party to a lawsuit. Well, now what? How do you get the money you’re owed? Why does your debtor refuse to pay you? What is this piece of paper even […]


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