November, 2021 | Silberman Law Firm, PLLC - Part 2

How to Read a Title Commitment in Texas

A title commitment is a document provided to a buyer and a lender before closing on a property. It identifies the terms and conditions for a title company to provide title insurance as well as any issues, exclusions, or exceptions to coverage. Ultimately, the title commitment offers protection to both buyer and lender if a […]


Promissory Estoppel in Texas

Part of contract law, the doctrine of promissory estoppel enables a person or an entity to recover damages which result from relying on a promise that was made and later broken. Promissory estoppel is normally a defensive theory, but its use became a central focus in the case of Frost Crushed Stone Company, Inc., v. […]


Quantum Meruit in Texas

Business contracts exist to protect the rights of the parties involved, especially helpful if a business venture doesn’t go as planned. At times, however, a partnership exists without a formal contract. If all goes well, this informal arrangement creates no issue, but if things go poorly, a party who provides goods or services without a […]


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