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Richardson, TX Real Estate Lawyer

Texas Real Estate Law

The Silberman Law Firm, PLLC provides advice, legal opinions, litigation services, and document preparation concerning real estate law. Most services are provided at flat rates; however, retainers are taken for complicated matters involving litigation. See below for a list of commonly provided services.

Commonly Provided Real Estate Law Services:

Deed Preparation

The type of deed and the clauses used in a deed can greatly alter the effect of a transfer. It is important to consult with an attorney about the careful drafting of the deed to achieve the desired results in a real estate transaction...Read More

Owner Financing Docs

Real property in Texas can legally be sold using owner or seller financing. After some recent changes in the law in 2005, two types of owner financing remain realistic in Texas: 1) The conventional owner finance and 2) The wraparound...Read More

Affidavit of Heirship

Dying without a will in Texas often leaves problems for heirs when real property is involved. These problems often come to light when the heirs attempt to sell the property in a transaction where the buyer is requiring title insurance...Read More

Lien Removal

Lien removal is a necessary process for a seller of real property to deliver marketable title to a buyer at closing. Often times, sellers only discover liens recorded against their property when a title company performs a title search before issuing a title commitment...Read More

Contract Review

Our firm routinely reviews a variety of real estate contracts including residential sales contracts, residential lease contracts, commercial sales contracts, and commercial lease contracts.

Real Estate Litigation

The Silberman Law Firm, PLLC provides litigation services concerning both commercial and residential real estate. Common issues litigated include breach of contract for sales agreements, suits to declare title, and suits to quiet title.

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