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Now Hiring Experienced Attorneys Across Texas

Now Hiring Senior Attorneys For All Texas Markets

The Silberman Law Firm, PLLC is looking to add experienced attorneys with consistent and developed books of business to its market areas across Texas. Our emphasis on efficiency and technology allows us to make above market compensation offers to lawyers with consistent billing and long standing client relationships. 

The firm has a 10 year operating history and currently employs 14 lawyers that practice real estate, business, probate, and litigation. The firm also has a fee attorney relationship with Fidelity National Title to support and complement its real estate practice. Ideal candidates will have expertise in the firm’s practice areas or complimentary areas. 

Our firm is able to make compensation offers to attorneys with a variety of annual revenue sizes and practice environments. Attorneys that transition from firms with numerous lawyers can expect a significant compensation increase and solo practitioners and small firm owners usually maintain or slightly increase compensation while eliminating the administrative burden of operating and managing a firm.

The firm can also provide firm generated work and market an attorney's practice areas to supplement any shortages in a lawyer’s workload. The firm has a long history of success in law firm marketing and client generation. Attorneys wishing to continue to develop their client base will benefit from new client business, providing an opportunity for attorneys to develop new, long term client relationships.  

Additionally, we employ quality associates to provide support for an experienced attorney’s files and offer competitive compensation splits to attorneys for associate work on files. Our associates are capable of servicing and supporting cases in a variety of practice areas. 


  1. Firm generated work assigned to lawyer’s to supplement any shortages in attorney generated client work.
  2. Top of market compensation offers for attorneys with a developed client base.
  3. Quality associate attorneys to support and service files belonging to senior lawyers.  
  4. Legal Assistant and administrative support staff.
  5. Offices throughout Texas for client meetings, depositions, mail processing, and in-office work. 
  6. Access to group health insurance, including PPO plans at Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  7. Comprehensive malpractice insurance. 
  8. Access to other senior attorneys for collaboration and opinions on cases.
  9. Robust access to legal research software including but not limited to Westlaw, Westlaw Forms, Company Investigator, and People Map.   
  10. Custom packages and work environments designed to suit each attorney's working style and preferences.

Ideal Candidates

  1. Attorneys from multiple lawyer firms with a developed book looking for higher compensation.
  2. Attorneys from multiple lawyer firms with a developed book looking for higher compensation and a firm capable of providing new client files through a robust marketing platform. 
  3. Solo practitioners or small law practices looking to offload the administrative burden of running a firm and maintain or increase take home compensation. 
  4. Attorneys at the end of their careers looking to offload cases in exchange for a more limited Of Counsel position and long term residual compensation for Associate billing. 

Firm Culture and Technology

Our firm is based on efficiency and the leveraging of technology to provide quality legal services throughout Texas. We place a heavy emphasis on remote work. AI, cloud computing, digital file storage, and other technologies that promote efficiency. 

We recognize that the practice of law is both a profession and a business. As such, successful law firms must operate to meet professional obligations and maximize profit. Our robust advertising and marketing campaigns allow us to prioritize a diverse client base where no one client makes up more than 1% of our firm’s total revenue.

Our firm believes the traditional, big firm model is in decline and that associates should have the flexibility to choose a style of employment that fits their ideal work-life balance. Through the right compensation and employment structure, the firm benefits from increased retention and the attorney benefits from a desirable and rewarding work environment. 

Next Steps    

If you are interested in learning more about joining our firm, send a resume to our firm’s owner at 

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