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Business Law

Providing both business transaction solutions and business litigation services for our clients.

Probate Law

Providing estate administration, wills, will contests, and probates for our clients.

Real Estate Law

Providing real estate document preparation, closings and real estate litigation services.


Serving clients in business litigation, real estate litigation, and probate related litigation

Construction Law

Providing a full range of construction law related services to our clients.

Blog Posts

One type of request that frequently leads to an objection is one which seeks admission of a matter of opinion. Such requests, which include the sometimes gray area of sorting fact from opinion, are objectionable.


When the requesting party does not follow the parameters of the discovery process as outlined by Texas Rules for Civil Procedure, the other party may object. One common reason for an objection is when a party seeks to admit hearsay as evidence.


When litigants do not follow these Texas Rules for Civil Procedure, a responding part may object. One frequent reason for an objection is when one party asks the other to admit a legal proposition, which is the reason for a legal decision or the legal requirement for a decision.

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