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Providing both business transaction solutions and business litigation services for our clients.

Providing estate administration, wills, will contests, and probates for our clients.

Providing various real estate document preparation and real estate litigation services.

Serving clients in business litigation, real estate litigation, and probate related litigation.

Providing a full range of construction law related services to our clients.

Blog Posts

Contracts for deeds have been popular methods for purchasing real property in Texas for some time. A contract for deed is an agreement between a seller and buyer to purchase real property over a period of time. Typically, the parties sign an agreement that obligates the buyer to make a down payment followed by a […]


Defaulting on a lease in Texas is generally never an ideal situation. Breaking or abandoning a residential lease can have many adverse consequences including damage to credit and the inability to enter into a desirable lease in the future. Defaulting on commercial leases can have equally negative effects that could result in judgments against the […]


A suit on a sworn account is a procedural tool, as opposed to a cause of action, that allows a party to recover under certain types of accounts. The claim must be brought pursuant to Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 185 and establishes a prima facie right of recovery for the plaintiff. See Williams v. […]