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When a person fails to pay child support obligations in Texas, the Attorney General will file a lien in the real property records attempting to encumber any real estate owned by the obligor. The obligor typically discovers any recorded child support liens after receiving a tile commitment in the process of selling real estate. The […]


There appears to me much confusion surrounding the consequences for buyers and sellers when a closing date specified in an earnest money contract for real property passes without performance. The most common contract used for the sale of residential property in Texas is the TREC promulgated One to Four Family Residential Contract (Resale). Paragraph 9 […]


Our law firm receives a multitude of calls about fence issues in subdivisions and urban areas. This post will answer a handful of very basic questions and then discuss the more complicated issues of extended encroachment in the context of adverse possession. First, the following are some basics about fences in Texas: If a fence […]